Saturday, March 10, 2012

Updates updates!!

I hasn't been updating my blog for the longest time so here I am!! =)

Jan was a fun month with CNY and holiday. Went Hongkong for holiday, came back with a serious flu infection.. I doubt I gonna go back to Hongkong for holiday again, it is quite a yucky place!

Us @ Disneyland.. =>

I seriously love Disneyland because I deem it the happiest land on earth!

We @ the Peak, glaring sun..

View from the Peak.. amazing!!

We at the Avenue of Stars.. ok, we're tired already, look at our eyes..

Me & McDull!! *hugs*

Dinner outing with my Hkg colleague..

LKF with friends.. Fantastic clubbing night till 4am.. zZzz..

We @ Repulse Bay

@ Langham Place, before we head on for shopping!!

Macau!!! I've always been wanting to visit Macau but after the visit, so-so....

& we spotted a missing trade in Central..

Feb was busy busy!! Finally it was over. Then here come March which is my fav month! =) Dec and March are my fav months of the year because March is my bday mth and Dec is holiday cum clearing leave month.. =)

This year March is slightly special too because my fav cousin is getting marry! We're so excited & its gonna be a big event of the family.. hehe!!