Monday, May 21, 2012

Next stop: Hosted @Patio

Hosted on The Patio 
991B Alexandra Road 

All thanks to Groupon, we purchased $60 worth of food at only $30. As I've mentioned, good food are meant to share, this time, we invited our best pals along. 

Hosted on the Pation is tucked away from the busy streets. Situated along Alexandra Road, the restaurant is rather down-to-earth, cozy with the settings in white and lush green. 

This spaghetti has a rather sophisticated name. To make things easy, Law named is Mee Poh with Salmon.

Then the breakfast set - Hosted on Patio Breakfast 
Rosti with saugages
so-so only, I think Marche's rostti is still the best!
Bear with us, we still have couple more dishes coming up.. 

 Beef Burger
I don't fancy the beef burger because the patty was rather dry and too thick.

Did you see James Wong behind me?? 

The sumptuous bistro cuisine was good especially with great accompany. The serving portions are rather huge for some. It is a great place to chill and relax especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Tiramisu, heaven!

I guess we wouldn't be here for a 2nd brunch visit because the price paid doesn't make justice. Probably you may want to come by on Friday / Saturday night, there's live bands.  

Good Food are meant to share =D

Tiong Bahru Bakery
@56 Eng Hoon Street 
#01-70 S(160056)

We're so pampered and thanks to the growing trend of cafes in Singapore.. following the opening of atas bakeries such as PAUL and Maison Kayser at Orchard, we found one, Tiong Bahru Bakery in the heartland. 

The ambience is casual but slightly cramped or probably the business is really good, the traffic flow is endless. You probably have to queue 10-15 minutes for a table. Big groups are not advisable as you'll probably occupied the whole store.

We ordered a Chocolate croissant, Topped with Bacon and 2 coffees. The chocolate is tastefully rich, croissant not oily and flaky at all. After the sinful chocolate croissant, we had Topped with Bacon, filled with crisp lettuce which makes us feel a little healthier.