Saturday, June 25, 2011

Real Women Drinks Beer (part 2)

Pardon me for the late update.. Had a busy weekend.. Went to the Beer Fest last weekend, was totally overwhelmed by the crowd & the variety of beers served.. Supposed to be a 'hush hush' event between me & secret friend but ended up with a big crowd (mostly not my friends anyway..)

The crowd and the atmosphere was good.. 91.3fm was there too to hype up the night..
There was Beer Hostess campaign aka Beauty Contest so 15 or 12 (can't rem) Beer hostesses were invited to dance on stage with almost 5,000 pairs of eyes staring at u.

I find it so embarrassing but probably is due to age thingy. These young pretty ladies are really good and showy! Nevertheless, the winner gets to win a pair of Air Asia air tickets to Perth. Will you go all out to win the prize??


Look at the crowd, really packed like sardine.. lots of 'butt-rubbings'~

Sg Flyer & me. I kinda look tan in this pix but nicely taken by secret friend, I mus say. hee!

We were searching high and low for this Lychee Beer, kind of looking forward because never get to try such exotic flavour beer before. BUT it was disappointing!! The taste was =o HORRIFIED! Then I realised it was imported from Malaysia (no wonder!) =D

Other fruit beers that we tried that night.. The Apple Cider Beer was good! refreshing~

Happy =D

Tickets bud and tokens. Each ticket ($40) comes with 2 free beers. If you need more (of cos!) you need to exchange tokens for beers.

Overall, fantastic nightout, we shall head there again next year!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

乌敏岛, 11-12 June..

Yes, I went to Pulau Ubin again~ this time for kayaking but 天不作美.. We only kayak-ed for like 10mins, downpour!! wasted my entire afternoon..

Nevertheless, since we're there already, we decided to go for rainforest trail in the rain (to feed mosquitoes actually) =D

at Changi Point Jetty

What's above the sky??

Coconut plantation??


Greeted by stray dogs at Ubin City.

My fav pix from the trip - Uncertainty ahead..

I see Pulau Ubin in a different light again. Another Ubin experience.
I will be back again for the REAL kayak~


Friday, June 10, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Looking forward to this weekend!

I'm so looking forward to this weekend..

Thurs meeting with the girls..
Friday with the 'dollar-sign' ppl again &
weekend over at Pulau Ubin again!

Yeah~ I used to be quite turned off by Ubin but after being there several times, I cherished the tranquil and peace.. of cos, still dislike the 'mozzies' & bugs.. =D

Am on mc today, I need to quickly recuperate for this weekend! Cheers!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I need a listening ear (reading eyes for here)

Hello guys, hasn't been updating my blog for awhile, I'm still here!

Went to SAF Open Hse last weekend, the show was ultimately boring. Nothing comparable to Sg Air Show so now I totally understand why this is free and the latter charged admission fee. Well, share with you my 'dumb ass' experience at the Open Hse.

Was happily shooting with my S95 and only few shots (maximum 3 shots), the battery dead on me. And the best was I forgot to bring my spare battery. I thought I brought but no. Then I also thought I brought my Holga and I DID NOT! I left it at home, on my desk. I really salute to my forgetfulness. The weather was really good to tk pix but... damn! I hate myself.. =~(

Another quick update on work, I realise I seldom talk to my friends abt my work until lately a Devil came on board. If you're thinking of Miranda Priestly from Devil's Wears Prada, no no no~ Try link it with those old heck discipline mistress in your primary school. It makes more sense.

She's a real pain in the ass!! Poking her bloody nose into everything, acting like our boss! Her role is Financial Controller but she did nothing on Financial but kpo in matters such as:

  1. Office cleanliness: Individuals muz kp the desk clean & tidy, 2/3 of the table top muz be seen when u leave office. Crap!
  2. Punctuality: She create this log book, everyone need to sign in & out, what time you reach office and left. Another crap!
  3. OT: We have to OT (somehow or rather). If you can go home on time means you've not enough things to do, no adding value to the company. RIDICULOUS!!
  4. Restructuring: Lay off staff because we're over staff?? Nonsense!
I don't agree with the things she implemented. If you're talking about SOP, I can agree & follow but those examples above are too subjective. As a FC, I think she has no ground to comment. Another thing that I don't see eye to eye with her is her manners!! She is jus damn f**king RUDE, arrogant & a great pretender! She gives us nick names too, stupid right?

Next, she poke her freaking ass into A&P! My territory~ Ask me to carry those display sets myself because these are under A&P and not warehouse. I'm not a mover and we're talking about chillers that weighs more than 60kg and 1.6m tall. You want me to load/unload myself? Was also ask to clean up my desk cos I've too many things lying ard. Com'on, we got so many POPs, samples, colorproof to keep and all these are huge items. Unless you get me a storeroom if not, I will throw them away!

And don't bloody hell ask me to negotiate ad rates with SPH when you don't even know how to calculate ad cost! Yes, we're A&P but we don't anyhow negotiate rates, we signed contract and agreed upon the rates. And you're talking to SPH, mind you!

Don't ask me to advertise in other papers cos their rates are lower! A&P don't just look at rates, we got our target audience too! We're not like u 买菜送辣椒,送葱 in the market so easy. Lastly, I'm so offended & I will not forgive when U say A&P is 卖菜的, pls show some job ethics & respect everyone's job/career, at least you should at your level.

Argh!!!! Damn! I shall stop here because this is never ending. She's only here for 1mth+ and such havoc. I hope our 'silent-strike' by turning down this yr Co. overseas trip is an alert to boss that we're unhappy with this discipline mistress in the house!