Saturday, August 27, 2011

张学友1/2世纪演唱会 棒!!

我倒数了8个月。。终于在8月26日见到了这位传奇人物 -




我想,这些歌真的足以引起我们的回忆了, 毕竟一定会有一两首歌能让你想起某一件开心或不开心事吧??


一场演唱会难以被文字形容,语言也不能说明音乐和听觉感受。。 我就只用一个字要献给歌神, 那就是 ‘棒’! 他真的是有用心的去表演。



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Majulah! on 46th

We're so lucky to ballot for this year 9 Aug's NDP tickets, I'm over-thrilled when I received the call from Mindef.

On 9 Aug 2011, the sea of Red was overwhelmed, the audience was so excited, vigorously waving our flags, cheering. Tears (nearly) welled in my eyes when we sang along the National Anthem while the Singapore flag flew over our heads. Is this the only day you feel patriotic?

While we're celebrating Singapore's 46th birthday, this was also Mr. SR Nathan's 12th & his last NDP. Who will be our new President? You determine your choice wisely ya!

Cheers! My view was blocked by the vizor..

Look at the beautiful skyline

Not forgetting the Flyer behind us..

The parade was about to begin..

Honestly, I'm only excited during the parachuting and fireworks.. =x I think that's what we are waiting for the whole night. And this yr, the firework performance was truly awesome!! I'm so engrossed that I totally gave up on taking pics.

Of cos individuals have their views on the NDP performance (mostly negatives I feel). Some felt that it was boring, every year also the same and a waste of money. What say you?
But I felt that we can't fault the performers' effort & time put in for the show, for Singapore.

I personally took part in NDP in 2000 while I'm still schooling. I swear that it was a drag because your Sat & Sun (full day) were booked for rehearsals. No matter rain or shine. On top of that, every day after school, we need to stay back to rehears too. PLUS! We started all this as early as Jan (if you still recall National Day is in Aug). So next time, if you want to complain again, think twice!

Did I mention that I'm proud being a Singaporean? ;p

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy August!! =D

I've posted my blog on this once but due to technical error, everything is gone! I seriously don't know why. Nevertheless, since it is Happy August, I should re-do them again.


This month is a Happy month because it was 2 of my favourite ladies' bday - the lovely Jennifer and pretty Qiqi's mummy. Happy birthday to you ladies once again, stay lovely and pretty always!

We celebrated Jenn's bday at Saizeriya, located at Liang Court. It wasn't a new restaurant, which I found out later. None of us knew its existence probably cos Liang Court is quite an ulu place.

Alrighty, if you're looking for a cozy place to chill and catch up with your friends, this shall be the PERFECT place because they offer free flow of drinks. You can choose from soft drinks to coffee and tea & even fruit tea. With the drinks on-flowing, you sure not gonna afraid of getting thirsty.

They also offered a wide range of pasta, pizzas and steaks; mostly Italian (did I mentioned that this is a fusion Jap-Italian restaurant?) We ordered baked escargots (my fav) but not as fantastic because the shell has been removed. I would preferred DIY, digging the meat from the shell myself.


Service and attitude of servers are excellent despite the reasonable pricing. You can get a Hamburger steak at $8.90, free flow of drinks at $2.90 AND they don't charge GST and Service Charge. Fantastic isn't it? So do head down to Saizeriya early because they don't take reservation. Hope you enjoy your hearty meal.

Happy girls after the satisfying meal.

Act young with the kiddy mugs.

The fun hasn't end. Surprise party organised by Jenn's sister the next day at eM @ Gallery hotel. Another nice and cozy place to chill out. Love the mini Asahi beer, 10 cans at $40. And 1 for 1 mojito drinks from 8-10pm.


(ahem!) Princesses!!

Another crazy night.. This was only 1/10 of them.. Thanks Shirlene for her 'sponsorship'.

Voted the most LOVELY pix of the night! Jenn & siblings.

That's all folks! eh.. My group photo is missing, anyone got them??

Stay tune, up next is my 'baba-nonya' trip to Malacca~