Sunday, May 22, 2011


With this kinda weather in Singapore, I won't be surprised if there's a drought. Lol! =) Are you suffering from drought too?

Well, I am. I am suffering from PHD - Public Holiday Drought, it will be ongoing till Aug, National Day! Omg~ somebody save me!!! =D

Ok, enough of my nonsense.. here's some updates, don't worry, no more HCM this time. I shall give you guys a break.

Finally meet up with the 'dollar-sign' peeps, lol! My ex-colleagues from Finance, sadly Gene wasn't in the pix due to... (I shall not mention.)

As what Jack mentioned, it is a blessing that we're still contacting each other. It sets me pondering how did we started as friends? First thing that comes to my mind is SIM! haa~ thank you because the dreading journey to sch allow me to know more ppl from other dept because you just need someone's accompany during the (almost) 1.5hr 'bored-distressed-cum-depressing train ride'.

Am I too exaggerating?

I've posted this on FB but I'm posting this here again, 很高兴认识你!

二十过半的我们, 你是否有为你以前所做过的傻事哭笑不得? 那些回忆是那么得可笑,却那么的温馨。

二十过半的我们,亲戚朋友不再会问你考试考几分,却是会问你在哪里做工,一个月赚多少钱, 几时要结婚?

二十过半的我们,心里是否很想念小时候,吵闹着功课做不完, 考试要到了,临时抱佛脚的感觉。

二十过半的我们, 在这二十多年来也遇到不少的人。有许多来来往往的人,有些只是过客, 有些却在你生命中留下深刻的回忆。








Disclaimer: '二十过半' maybe applicable to few. The rest, you may want to read as '快要30的我们!'

LOL!! Wahahaha~ Have a great weekend!! You know I still <3 u~!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ho Chi Minh City Museum

Next place I want to introduce to you is Ho Chi Minh City Museum - Viện bảo tàng Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh.

This place is SO boring!! Not much of exhibits to see and the current ones are all in Vietnamese language, how to expect us to understand. English translation is too limited.

Anyway, pix speaks louder than words. Here you go~


We spotted a couple taking wedding pix at the museum, lol! Something in common I guess.. Somehow, I feel that the building looks like our old Supreme Court.

Grand entrance. I realised that sometimes the pix I took tends to be slanted. On my screen it looks fine but the moment I snapped, it will be slanted. How can I overcome this problem?

Let me perks you up! This post gonna be boring as this place is boring-est ever!

2nd example, slanted more to the right again!

Oh yes, yet to introduce the hotel - Windsor Plaza Hotel, it is a 5* hotel located at District 5. HCM city is divided by Districts & each district has their own 'identity'. For instance District 1 & 2 are well known as the City, also the business districts. District 7 is the upcoming 'Korean' town, District 5 is known as Chinatown (This is where I've stayed) & the airport is located at District 11.

For convenience seek, we suggest tourists to stay at District 1 as this is where all the highlights are. The places that I've shared so far are mostly located at District 1. Of cos there's a price to pay for it, the hotel rates! A 4* hotel at Dis. 1 cost abt USD100-120 per night.

At Windsor, my rates was USD85 per night (see the difference?) for a 5* hotel. The hotel provides hourly shutter service to Dis. 1. Good choice? You decided. =)

Interior of the room. Even though it is a 5* hotel (based on Vietnam ratings) you shouldn't compare it with our own 5* hotels, there's still room for improvement I must say. So don't say I didn't warn you.

Me & Sis at On Top of The Town, a sky deck chilling out place located at 25th level of the hotel. Overhere, you can view the night scenery of the whole HCM city. Romantic! BUT the pix I've captured turns out to be yucky =(

I found this at the supermarket, similar to our luncheon meat. Thought I should specially dedicate this to my close fren, Jenn Fong. Lol!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Holiday-ing makes me HAPPY!

Who do not loves holiday?!?! lol~ I so excited that I'm having plans for my next holiday. Didn't expect to be so fast but then again, since I got the chance, why not? Anyway, keeping the destination hush hush as we yet to fix it.

Ok, back to Ho Chi Minh, I yet to up load tons of pix.. Besides the traffic, I got more Vietnam travelling tips to share which is $$ issue, Vietnamese dong. They do accept SGD and USD but Dong is still commonly used in the city.

You can be millionaire in Vietnam, multi-millionaires! Everyday we carries stacks of hundred thousands in our pockets. A meal probably cost you a quarter million (about SGD$8-9), not very expensive because this is the range for proper restaurants, clean enough for tourists. Otherwise, if you want to experience the vietnamese lifestyle, you can sit by the road and order from makeshift foodstalls. 1 meal probably cost only SGD$1 (<14K dong).

Taxi is the only form of transportation for tourists, unless you dare to risk your life to rent a bike and ride with the flow or taking a stroll along the streets. Taxi charges is about SGD$2-3, appt 30K dong, for 10mins ride, approximately from Tampines to Simei. Similar to us, they do have taxi surcharge but is so much more affordable, about another $1.5-$2 additional.

Streets of the city.

Our first meal of the day, KFC - Fingers' licking good! There's waitress who serves your meal to your table. Food are put in proper plates, unlike us - disposables!

Beef Phở for lunch at Phở 2000, a famous food chain in HCM. Phở is famous vietnames noodles soup, it is made of rice and is often serve with basil, lime and peppermint leaves. I must say that this is really yummilicious! I had it every day in HCM. =x

One of the well-known tourist attractions - Ben Thanh Market.
Ben meaning "wharf", and Thanh meaning "turtle citadel". It is a big shopping place with the traditional wet market (like Singapore). You can get lots of souvenirs, accessories, local cusines and ao dai - Vietnam traditional costume for ladies.

snippets of the market, selling coffee beans, spices, dried food etc. You need to brush up your bargaining skills before you buy anything from here. Because the vendors margin is almost 100% mark up. Beware!

Going nuts? Another important thing to note, there's very limited ventilation in the indoor market. Do rem to bring your oxygen tank along!

vú sữa
We are introduced to this specialty fruit - Vu Sua aka 'squeeze breast' for direct translation. Literally, the fruit is round and soft when u squeeze it, milk will flow out from the bud.

This is how the inside look like, taste like soursop without the sour taste. Feel sticky after eating as the milk stained your hands etc. And your mouth will have the weird aftertaste. Don't forget to try 'squeeze breast' when you visit HCM ok?

That's all for tonight, stay tune for more HCM adventures..
thanks thanks!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is GE over?

No it hasn't!! Until today, I CAN still see post/comments about GE on FB. Ppl are still criticising to an extend that I think it is getting personal.

The common target of cos is no one else but TPL. Some said TPL is immature, bimbo etc.. Paying her $15K a mth is a waste of taxpayers' money. Com'on, ask yourself this question, do you have what it takes to be there to run the GRC, not to mention to be in Parliament? Yes, she may be young and inexperience but compared to you who start a petition on FB, tweet negative comments abt her & her Kate Spade, who is more immature?

I personally feels that ppl opposed for the seek of opposing, just because you want to be different, I guess. Take my home town for example - Tampines. The opposition party is NSP, what have NSP done for us? I don't feel nor see anything.

Everyone has their own thinking, own opinion. As much as we dislike 1 person in the whole GRC, we can't fault the rest for their effort. I've stayed in Tampines for almost 20yrs. From nothing till now a 'mini Orchard Road'. We got Tampines Mall, Century Sq and the latest Tampines One. Everything is within reach. And from Sun Plaza park to the new Eco park that was launched last week. And if you're aware, there is also an University coming up at St 82. Now, you tell me who is more vote-worthy??

Last but not least, I'm a little unhappy when I saw someone posted that the men in white only work 9 days in 5 years. Com'on! this is utterly RIDICULOUS!! Every day you read the papers, you can see at least 1 or 2 articles about Sg government. Who says they only work 9 days in 5 yrs? How about the opposition party? Many of them just popped out from nowhere, I feel. (Ok, this may be a too personal comment).

In overseas or undeveloped countries, ppl vote for a change. A REAL change. But for Singapore, all we care is about personal development, about money.

We opposed because we cannot get a BIGGER house. We opposed because we cannot buy a car or a even more luxurious car due to height in COE. We opposed that transportation is too expensive, too crowded. We opposed because our workplace is not at my door step. Next time, before you oppose, please think again.

Children in some rural places may never get a chance to attend school. Some may even walk bare foot for hours just to get to school. Developed countries like Japan, their transportation is even higher. They have the smartest technology but Japanese still try for hours to get to work.

Nevertheless, the dust has settled. Life still goes on. I hope Singapore citizens can undertake a 'wider mind', an open heart.

The above comments are purely based on my personal view. It is not targeted nor trying to vitimise at any one nor party.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Splitting Headache!!

I've been having headache for the past few days or rather the entire week! And it usually strike after lunch & will last thru the day. Sometimes even medication doesn't seems to work.

I've googled some interesting tips to share on how to cure headache without medication. Yet to try them myself but some really sounds absurd.

  1. Never let your rows of teeth meet each other any other times than when you are chewing something. There's no need to go around gaping like a fish - it's easily achievable to keep your lips closed without letting the teeth meet each other - but a small ventilation hole makes things easier. Sounds complicated.
  2. Put an ice pack on your head or on the back of your neck, and you will find that your headache slowly dissipates. For better results, put your feet into warm water while icing your head. Your headache will disappear quickly.
  3. Drink a big cup of coffee can often make that pain in your head disappear like magic. Caffeine is commonly used as pain relievers. I thought the more we should avoid caffeine?
  4. Food allergy also causes headache. Hence you need to find out the culprit. I didn't know that food allergy can cause headache too. Thought only rashes etc.
Do you have any remedy to share?

Another cause that I know of is clenching teeth, also known as grinding teeth. Just like some people snore, I grind, at least not as loud right?

Anyway, grinding is like snoring. It happens only in our sleep unknowingly. No.1 culprit is due to STRESS! Am I really SO stress? I guess those invisible stress has been haunting me. The best person to cure this is of cos your Dentist! Despite my fear of visiting the dentist, I think I should better make an appointment to visit her soon.

Headache go away, don't come again another day! (*sing)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Labour Day in HCM City

I'm here for a quick update because I has been away for awhile. Yes, short getaway during the long weekend to Ho Chi Minh city. Although I've been there ample times, nothing beats travelling with your dearest..

Revisiting my 'home' after 5 years+, the city never fails to surprise me. Firstly is the airport - Tan Son Nhat International Airport. The non-aircon airport & run-down-low-budget-looking airport has renovated and is now equipped with air conditions, travellators and LED advertising panels. They will be reaching the international standard real soon. "Changi Airport watch out~!"

I heard that they are also considering to move the airport out of city, guess in future, getting to HCM city will be tougher.

Traffic is still as terrible as before. Chaotic in an orderly manner would be a better way to describe. There isn't any lanes on the road, cars and mostly motorbikes are everywhere. Endless honking, it starts as early as 6am in the morning! If you stay long enough, you can even differentiate their honk. Basically there are 2 types - 1 for cars or motorbikes; another one for buses.

Oh ya, they don't signal when they are turning. So do open your eyes when you're at the road.

Traffic, Ho Chi Minh

We are SO terrified by the traffic on our first day. The taxi driver dropped us opposite our hotel instead of making a turn. 4 of us stood still with our luggage, hesitated for the longest time, waiting for the vehicles to give way. In the end, the driver get off his car and bring us across the road. What a hilarious sight..

I'm in the midst of preparing my photos, will post more pix next time.. Cheers! & looking forward to this short working week. YEAH!