Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas gone CRAZY!!!


Dream Academy Presents,
Crazy Christmas 2011
A little bit of Naughty and a whole lots of Nice

Caught the last show of Crazy Christmas last evening.
*applauds* the show was absolutely superb. What a great way to celebrate my Christmas.

This is the 4th time Dream Academy is performing Crazy Christmas, featuring Queen of Comedy, Kumar.I've missed the previous ones due to overseas vacation. This year, finally managed to catch it at the Esplanade. The choreography, singing & effects totally stunned me (is my first time watching a local production by the way). I must say We really got talent!

Had whole lotsa fun with my love ones, humming along to the Christmas songs, of cos, with a Singaporean twist. ;) If you've missed it, I will urge to you go for it next year!
It's definitely a Christmas to remember.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Memorable Royal Wedding

For the first time, I stepped onto the soil of Jakarta, Indonesia. First impression, it feels like we're in Malaysia with Thailand or Vietnam's traffic conditions.

I'm quite surprised that the locals' language proficiency in English. Majority of them can only speak Bahasa Indonesian. Hence, the communication barrier.

2nd surprise was that I actually can speak better Malay than my colleagues, a 1980s' baby vs. 60s!! Lol!!

Sightseeing in Jakarta is nothing but shopping!! Their shopping malls are much more larger and atas than ours, filled with brands like LV, Prada, MuiMui, Chanel. You name it, they got it. The proudest thing is Charles & Keith is also considered as 'branded' over there.

Ok, now back to my main agenda in Jakarta which is to attend our beloved Gilbert's Royal wedding! After closed to 1 year of planning, the sisters (us) trooped to Jakarta!

Have a blissful marriage my friend.. =) & most importantly, give us a Dragon baby next year!

P/S: will post more photos once granted permission.. cheers!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

December with love!

December is my favourite month of the year because of the festive (yeah! is a month for feasting and buying..) and the month of leave clearing!! lol~

Lots of activities filled my calendar already, how about you? To kick start is our lovely Qiqi's ONE-derful birthday. Times files ya, she turns 1 already..

Happy Birthday my lovely girl.. 快高长大哦!

2nd was the collection of our 全家福 pictures.. Not too bad but feel that I've been over photoshop-ped!

DSC_8350 copyr

DSC_8366 copyr

Last but not least was the eclipse on 10 Dec. OMG, I actually saw the eclipse.. However, I get kinda bored after 20 mins. The whole process is so slow =x






We waited like almost 2 hours.. yawns! The pictures was taken by my canon S95, this was also my first time using the Manual mode. I've pleased with the results, what say u?