Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kampong Ties 柑榜情

We're totally inspired by the recent Channel 8's prime time drama Kampong Ties (柑榜情). We decided to head on for....

Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. KAMPONG Chicken Rice, located at 247 Outram Road.

It is a very simple set up, no fancy lightings nor signages. Parking is a huge problem here too.

Looking at the
bright yellow color of the chicken turns me off initially then I realise that is the natural color of the kampong chicken.

Give it a try! It really taste yummy!! The meat is so soft and tender.. The rice comes in real small serving (chicken rice lovers, you might need more than 2 bowls!)

their rice is less fragrant but filled with flavourful pandan leaf's aroma. I enjoyed it with lots of dark soya sauce and chilli. I was also surprised by the cabbage soup which is savory.

We had 1/4 chicken plus a drumstick, stirred fried vegetables, drinks & 3 bowls of rice at $21. Slightly pricy though but worth trying..


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bake in 1:20

Can you believe that I can bake a mini cake in 1:20secs?

Check this out.. This amazing cake mixture from Korea..

Top: chocolate
Bottom: banana favour

IMG_0666 IMG_0667
There's 2 packets of mixture in the container.

. . .
Simply add an EGG & mix them together evenly..

Then throw them into the microwave for a spin. All it takes 1 min & 20 secs..!!

Amazing isn't it? My mini cake in chocolate & banana flavour is ready just in a blink of an eye!

It also comes with a cover, so you can put the lid on and bring it to work or out for an picnic..

1 more thing to share - Korean 'bread' aka sanitary pad.. lol~
I'm beyond impressed by the packaging..

Bring me to Korea~~

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are you game?

Are you game to be a Social Media Marketer??


I read this book on Social Media, called Social Media Marketing (lol! the title is too obvious) by Jay Conrad Levinson. The book listed 10 characteristics of a Social Media Marketer..

1. Immune to Hype
SMM don't fall into traps, we're be careful about jumping from idea to idea without allowing the ideas to mature.

2. Curiosity
SMM aren't afraid of experiment, make mistakes or try new things to gain competitive advantage.

3. Ability to Sprint
SMM is always ready to exploit with energy, passion and resources.

4. Ability to Run Marathons
SMM knows how to wear down their competitors and build a presence thru consistency.

5. Transparent
Truth, empathy and integrity are keys to social media marketing. They are build thru trust and loyalty.

6. Community Focus
SMM are great in social networking. You make friends to form allies and they will become your assets.

7. Profit Driven
This is quite obvious! $_$

8. Tech Hungry
This is your core weapon!

9. Self Develop
Technology and businesses move too fast! SMM have to stay ahead to remain competitive.

10. Leadership Mentality
SMM are pure leaders!

6/10 for me, I'm not suit to be a Social Media Marketer. Maybe I can consider changing job to a different industry.

How about you?