Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Visit Old Kallang Airport this Biennale!!


Have you visited the Singapore Biennale?

There are couples of venues this year, the unique ones are Marina Bay with the Merlion Hotel & Old Kallang Airport. We headed to Old Kallang Airport last weekend, wanting to test my S95 (again!) I so <3 this camera~


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is an artist who develops interactive installations at the intersection of architecture and performance art. This pcs of work uses the our shadows to tune into different radio frequencies, translating human bodies into antennae and providing a constantly shifting visual and sonic rendering of Singapore's radio spectrum.

So here am I, trying my best to detect the radio waves. Ta dah~ & I got 91.3fm.. =D

These are made of papers~ amazing yeah? I'm so impressed by the effort put in by Michael Lee.

His work entitled Office Orchitect, consists of the studio, office and home of a fictitious architect called K S Wong – earnest, hardworking and serious, whose practice, the artist considers to be "anally rigorous". More work from him..


Lee is so detailed in his work.

Don't be shocked by the next pcs of work, which is also the highlights!

This is the interior. He crafted each pcs of paper and overlay each of them on top of one another, layer by layer. The house is almost 0.5m tall, can you imagine the time and effort put in? I'm beyond impressed totally.

Coming up next... I must give a good introduction on this.. 3000 primary and secondary students are invited to present a Self Portrait! See what I've got from this primary sch boy.

Very talented I must say but a little mouse sneaking to NIGHTCLUB as his self portrait!!? Seriously, I've got no idea what he is thinking.

My best picture of the day!!

These 2 pictures are taken at the hangar.

Another 'interesting' art to share, created along the stairways of Kallang control tower. I don't have any pic to show because the cleaners had thrown away the art by accident. It was completed indirectly by Nedko Solakov. Why indirectly? Because he fear of flying hence, rather than traveling to Singapore, he invited a Singaporean do the display on behalf.

Of cos there are more to this but these are the few which I think are worth sharing. Do support Singapore Biennale and pay a visit before 15 May. You get free entry on Sundays!

cheers, =)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter with S95! woo hoo~

Yes, I finally get my Canon S95! Have been eyeing for few mths and finally it is mine now. Of cos great thank you to Jasmine for the connection.. tsk tsk!!

The promoter briefly explained the functions to me, ok quite standard and easy to use (I suppose) but I'm interested with the Manual function, I guess this is a good start for me to master.

Nevertheless, the long weekend is finally here! yeah~ we have been yearning for so long! With such happy occasion, the JEMs are out on a makan trail - Singapore Flyer (not forgetting the hell-alike weather that dehydrated all of us!)

So-so dim sum, an uncle pissed me off when I ordered these..

Amazed by the way they served the drinks. Old skool & retro.

Must Try! Must Eat! I <3 it.. Thanks Mel for recommending. This rojak is really fantastic!

The weather is really a killer~ cold frizzy drinks are not enough to cool us down. We ordered these ice balls (aka ice kachang) with more tons of ah tap chee..

I realise food images are toughest to capture. Food are 'expression-less', how can we share the 'taste' via a static picture. I tried to google for some tips and was told a solid background is needed as it better brings out the colors and 'taste'. Not forgetting the lighting and the angle too, they plays a huge role in it too.

Here's my second try @ Box & Sticks. It is new startup, selling fusion Japanese food; located at 14 Ailwal Street. They open till 2.30am on Fri and Sat, great supper place to recommend.

Carbonara served in bento box.. That's explain the box, Nice~

Miso something... taste ok..

Mentaiko (明太子) cream pasta. I will always try this dish at most western japanese restaurant because I had it in Japan, the taste was really divine! I yet to find that taste in Singapore so if you ever know something serving this (& taste good) do let me know. =)

Yakotori! Here's the sticks.. quite nicely braised. 很入味!

Is my second attempt better? You got any tips to share? =P

Once again, Happy long weekend~

Monday, April 18, 2011

True BLUE!

I'm really feeling vexed these days..
Work is not smooth, health still ok. My clumsiness is SO over-whelming!!

I need some superheroes to rescue me!!

One of my super heroes is my mama! I got this bloody ulcer & my house ran out of the Watermelon Frost for ulcer. So mama to the rescue!!

She made me a (huge) glass of salt water!

Me:(me standing next to the sink) 妈, 这样大杯啊?
Me: 这样大杯很咸啦。。
Me: (-_-)""" (holding to the mug) 你不早讲!我喝完了! *kidney failure!*

This is my first time and I never heard of using salt water can cure ulcer.
Nevertheless, I bought myself a new bottle of Watermelon Frost. I don't want to suffer another "kidney failure" incident..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bumble @ Keppel

Went bumping around Keppel to try out the new 35mm 'fat lens' camera aka bumble bee. I gave the name cos it is in striking yellow color.

I set off to Keppel Bay @ Marina together with my Holga. The weather was scorching like HELL! I nearly get sun-burned but guess Holga loves it. Hence, the lovely pictures.. *Self-proclaimed though, =D

Did a double exposure, but I think the results wasn't fantastic cos the cable cars in the background wasn't obvious enough.

Another dd exposure here. Not on purpose but forgot to wind the film hence ta-dah~

I think the pix will turn out better if the Reflections Residence is completed.

I quite like this pix because of the soft finishing and the blue sky.

These were taken at USS, night shots of fireworks. First time using my flash. I expect to receive nothing because Js mentioned that with ISO160 film is not gd for night shots even with flash.

So I'm happy =D at least I get to see something.. hee!

I took many shots but these were the only 2 good ones.

Last but not least, Holga did me proud again! This pix is excellent (self-proclaimed again!) I heart the tilt shift/ vignette effect. <3 Do you agree with me?

I chanced upon some pix yesterday (superbly professionally taken I must say) and am extremely amazed or rather astonished as I totally couldn't believe my eyes. Anyway, I'm glad that photography has been fun for me thus far - See Beyond.The.LENS~

*Credits to BFF for loaning the camera, ありがとう!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

桜, 上野

I'm backup-ing my lappy and stumbled upon these photos TOOK in 2005! OMG, how young am I back then?

Is there cherry blossom in Japan this year? With such turmoil, are these flowers as beautiful as before?

Sakura @ Ueno

Sepia with Kimono
思い出.. Can you find me? Lol~

P/S: I got Flickr a/c already.. tsk tsk tsk!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to Bhotography!

Hi all,

A very warm welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog.

If you are wondering how I get this blog name, very simple. I simply use the initial of my surname 'Bai' to replace with the 'P' in 'Photography'. Very creative yeah!

Actually I do own a blog sometime back but I shut it down due to some childish reasons. Nevertheless, I'm starting a new one here! Because I want to write about my interest in photography (I wonder how long this interest can last..)

All Thanks to my love for getting me a Holga on my birthday & I'm hooked! yeah~ addicted! I always think that technology is so advanced nowadays, why people still use the old school camera. Then I realise it is actually so fun & exciting. You never know what you get until they are developed. Although I don't like the waiting process very much.

So here's to share my first few pix taken by Holga. My little experience in Photography during sec sch do helps abit I guess. My best product so far..


I simply love this pix. First time doing double exposure and I can get such results. Pure luck I must say.

Revenge of the Mummy! Totally captured my fear for this ride.

& Of cos, these pix were taken at USS.

Thank you & continue to stay tune! =)