Thursday, September 29, 2011


We enjoy warmth because we have been cold.
We appreciate light because we have been in darkness.
By the same token, we can experience joy because we have known sadness.
-David Weatherford

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Unlock these codes..

This looks familiar to you? You can find them everywhere, on papers, magazines, advertisements, packaging, websites etc etc..


They are QR Codes, these two-dimensional codes are created in the 1990s by a Japanese man called Kaywa. His intention was to replace the traditional bar codes - those horizontal strips bar codes.

WHY QR codes?
  1. allows more computation within the square patterns, hence able to store more information. (traditional bar codes store up to 20 digits, QR can store up to 7,000 characters due to the pattern!!)
  2. higher reading accuracy and faster reading speed (Did I mention that QR stands for Quick Response?)
  3. scratch resistant. You're still able to read it unlike the traditional bar codes.
  4. can be read from all angles, 360 degrees
  5. reduce on printing cost. Size doesn't matter here!
However, the market wasn't receptive to these codes until the late 90s. I've noticed a growing trend locally of QR codes in the recent years too especially mobile retailing.

Check out the video below how Tesco supermarkets compete with its competitors by creating a virtual supermarket via QR codes.

Awesome! Everything at your fingertips!

To read these codes, all you need is a Smartphone, download the QR Code reader from your app & start snapping away! Go snap my own QR codes below..

This will link you to my FB page.

Have a nice day! =D

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Have you been READING??


When is the last time you step into the library and actually borrowed a book to read?? Haa! The last time I stepped into the library was donkey years ago, during Poly times if I can recalled.

I think the National Library Board (NLB) has gone thru lots effort to cultivate us (young adults, teenagers, children and even senior citizens) to pick up reading as a Hobby! I'm in love with the Library lately & lucky me, Tampines Library is just at my door step.

Quick Facts about the new NLB!
  1. Do you know you can throw away your library card? Because now you only need your IC to borrow books.
  2. Do you know borrowing/ returning of books are all computerised now? You need not queue to borrow books from the fierce-looking aunties behind the counters.
  3. Do you know 1 NRIC can borrow up to 12 books? Geez! who can read that volume..
  4. Do you know loan period is only 3 weeks? You'll get fine if you exceed the loan period. Fine as low as $0.10 per day. And you can pay your fine via internet. AMAZING!
  5. Do you know there's a search engine within NLB website? Now you can search your fav read across entire Singapore Libraries?
  6. Do you know you can set up an online account with NLB? Which enables you to perform activities such as reservation and transferring books from other library to the one nearest to you?
  7. Do you know that you can even renew your book online without entering the library? Gosh! You've been losing out quite abit here.
  8. Do you know NLB website? Here you go & be a book worm with me!! =D
Of cos I yet to be a bookworm totally! I still in love with searching for yum-mi-licious food!
Let me introduce a newly opened Ramen store, located at Tanjong Pagar.

Store name very straight forward, Ramen!! You're see these white flags along the street, catching your attention from the train station.

The store serves traditional Japanese ramen, with limited favours. So what so special about them? Other than it's competitive price, range from $10.80 to $15.80 for a huge bowl (this is the most important factor), the other X-factors are the complimentary:

They offer sesames for your ramen soup! an additional titch of aroma to it.. They also serves FREE flow of Japanese onsen eggs! All you can eat!! =D

They also gave bonito flakes, my first time seeing bonito flakes in Ramen.

Lastly, the Japanese chef too adjusted his Ramen to Singaporean's liking such as you can request for less oil, more vegetables and the texture of your noodles; be it soft, hard or normal!

=) Do give it a try! I will recommend you to ask for NO oil instead of Less Oil.. The store is located Level 1 of Orchid Hotel at Tanjong Pagar, exit towards International Plaza and you'll see it!

. .
Interior of the store, relatively small. Hence queue is expected.

Ta-da~ My traditional bowl of Ramen.. Bon Appetit!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Prayers answered,,

阳光照耀的地方有我默默的祝福, 月光洒向地球的时候有我默默的祈祷,
流星划过的刹那我许个愿: 祝你健康平安!愿你尽快恢复健康!xoxo.. ♥
I'm so glad that my dearest friend is on the route of speedy recovery~ I know she is well already because she can healthy-ly, gossiping away with me on Whatsapp =x

I'm also SO happy that most of my events have been completed, Sept is really a bad month for me.

Nevertheless, tomorrow will be a better day!

smile =D

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lifestyle appliances weekend!

I've been very grumpy this week because of the busy schedule & lined up events.. Attended Courts Charity event on Friday at Laguna Country Club. I love to visit country clubs (I don't know why).. lol! We had successfully raised almost SGD$160,000 for Eden Centre for Adults, the centre is taking care of patients with autism. *applauds for the good cause*


All dolled up for Saturday morning, I off to Harvey Norman Grand Opening at Millenia Walk. They open a new Coffee & Cooking showroom with an extensive (& atas) rang of built-in kitchen appliances, coffee machines and wine chillers, There are coffee tasting and cooking demonstration activities lined up till 11 September 2011, so do drop by today!


Let me start with Delonghi coffee machines, my usual fix for the morning, the barrister was there brewing coffee and 'coffee-painting'. I so enjoyed myself here because I got myself a bunny!!

Barrister at work


Next he painted a teddy bear for my colleague.
I thought the bear looks better.

Up next, Gaggenau! a super high-end kitchen appliance brand in Europe with over hundred years of history.

another chef busy at his station..

This refrigerator cost SGD$50,000! I'm not kidding, check it out in-store yourself.

My fav stop, Fisher & Paykel! The chef is quite interactive with us, allow us to assist while he take a rest. haa!

He bakes really lovely yummy muffins with Bitweets! the muffins were freshly baked from the ovens, they are really hot but he can use his bare hands to handle them.
*thumbs up*

are you hungry??

at De-Dietrich we got Chef Lester, preparing Napoleon Chocolate. I <3 desserts!

This is my first time seeing this brand, not new in Singapore I realised that only later. I swear this is the most innovative state-of-the-art induction stove that I've seen so far!

The black panel where the pots are resting on (look at the pix again) it is the induction stove and it works like a iphone!! You can slide the control panel to select the function and temperature.

When you place the pot on the stove, a '+' sign will appear on the control panel as it has detected the location of the pot. Next you can set the temperature/time required to cook your food. Afterwhich, it will stop cooking. Amazing right? or am I suah-ku??

=) last but not least, my own humble corner with wine tasting!

The event ended at 4pm and most of us got a little tipsy cos we drank as early as 10am.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Night Lights Night Festival 2011

Sorry guys on the late update on the Night Light Festivals at SAM. I only managed to attend it on the very last day. Hence if you're reading this, do keep a lookout for next year event because its OVER!

As usual, a series of activities was organised from 7:30pm to 2am. Yes! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The museum was opened till as late as 2AM. To my surprise too, there were people who stay that late (I'm one of them) hee!& did I mentioned about FREE admission? Maybe that's why.

The most impressive art was of cos the highlights of the night - Lyrical Perspective. It was a visual projection that relies on the public's voice to distort the SAM façade. Through the interaction of light, sound and architecture in the installations, 1024 Architecture (the installers) aims to cross the boundaries between real and virtual space.

Look at the projection, it looks like a face. As the public speaks, the face will do some expression based on the sound waves. So you can sing, shout, scream to see the respond.

Next was Curiositiés, architect transformed SAM's courtyard into a dwelling for luminous jellyfish, creating an imaginary realm.

I personally find this too eerie.

I'm only going to highlight the 2 most impressive installation of the event because there were too many of activities going on. There was also flea market for those who don't want to act arty farty.

other installations such as this. The wall was filled up with those solar figurine. They moved from left to right, seems like greeting your arrival at the entrance of the museum.

The wall was lined with train tracks to lead you to the next installation. Creative I must say.

This was a featured to talk about environmental friendly, reducing on carbon footprints. All the cars were flashing colorful lights along the street.

The nigh was ended with a nice chill at nOvous, a cafe at the National Museum. We had late breakfast, drinks & laughter thru the night.