Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 weeks and counting....

I'm into my 2nd week of recovery from my LASIK. YES! only the 2nd week, it feels like a long time ago.

Bid farewell to my blackie. I've donated my specs since I've corrected my vision, I hope this pair of specs can help another person too, bringing him/her perfect vision to see this lovely world..

I've 'donated' my contact lens too! hahaha... I hope I make a different in your vision too..

Speedy recovery to myself! I called my first week the Super Star week because I'm walking around (everywhere) in my sunnies. Plus the endless 'interview's from friends/colleagues.
Super Star week was also the most important week because you're most prone to an infection.

Despite the hourly eye drops (by the way, there's 3 types of eye drops to distill), I'm also required to put on a pair of 'ultraman-eyes' to shield my delicate eyes from unknown scratches or rubbing in my sleep.

ta dah~ Pardon me if I give you a shock.. =p

I also cannot touch my upper eye lid because that's the location of the wound. Extra caution and care are required because no water, makeup, shampoo etc can get into the eyes. I felt so incomplete without cleaning my eye. And had a ultimate hard time washing my hair, resulting in tremendous neck ache!

I've bought new mascara & eye liner once I've cleared my next review... tsk tsk tsk!

If given a second chance, I will still proceed with LASIK because the technology is simply amazing! totally painless.. If you can bear with 4 hours of super-excessive tearing, you're game for it!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Signed my soul to Him.

As the saying goes 眼睛是灵魂之窗, after 2 yrs (& much considerations), I finally signed my 'soul' on the dotted line, allowing, Dr Lee, to do work on my eyes.


I still rem how I used to put on my sister's spectacles, playing around, acting demure (maybe this is how I get myopia). So true enough, I became a specky since 15 yrs old. That was when I knew that it wasn't fun at all because specs are so cumbersome. For instance, doing sports, running, swimming etc..

Nevertheless, once I entered the working society (being a vain pot), I began to fall in love with contact lens. I wore them almost 24/7 because I simply hated my specs. It gave me headache most of the time, I don't why. Then here comes, eye infection and dry eyes!! OMG..

The first time I heard of Lasik was from my ex-CAG colleagues. To my surprise, 2-3 of them had their eyes done. I was tempted and went for my first consultation. Shall not mentioned which clinic I went but I chicken out that time mainly because of myself, wasn't mentally prepared yet and their pushy-ness.

After my consultation, the consultant straight away scheduled me for a afternoon surgery. I was totally unprepared to do my surgery so fast, hence I chicken out. The idea of Lasik didn't come to me until a month ago, another of my business partner went for her's at Shinagawa Clinic.


to be continued..